Gov’t to build 4,000 houses in cohesive communities


housing-development-610x300[] – The Ministry of Communities is working towards constructing approximately 4,000 houses in cohesive communities over the next five years that would benefit over 4,000 households, and therefore more than 16,000 people.

A press statement noted that Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott is working assiduously with his staff to “Renew the Dream” that will enable Guyanese to access improved community life. The Ministry is in the process of refining the strategy that would see the implementation of a holistic plan to provide for the shelter and social needs of the nation.

It was noted that the houses will be built as part of cohesive communities, where there will be an emphasis on the provision of social infrastructure and other amenities, in addition to the regular services such as electricity, roads and water distribution networks.

The idea of cohesive communities is to ensure that the shelter and other needs of households are met, in an effort to address issues such as availability of daycare facilities, functioning playgrounds, proximity to jobs, schools and other amenities that are consistent with improved quality of life in communities.

In addition to this drive to house families and other eligible persons, house lot distribution will continue for persons who wish to build their houses. Minister Scott will be available to meet with the Public (Public Days), every Wednesday, commencing Wednesday June, 10 2015, between 09:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.


  1. Communities of unity how could you have such when it comes Election time when one race of people attack the other

  2. Well, it’s the Ministry of Communities, so this is the fulfillment of its mandate ….. Pure nonsense!!

  3. First, the mentality of most of the people must be reprogrammed to respect each other, work together for a safe community, maintain their property including the gardening- interior and exterior cleanliness and maintenance of homes and community, understand and respect neighborhood values, maintain roadways, etc. We continue to see once beautiful and safe communities continue to become unsafe, unclean and not maintained. In other words dirty, stinking, ghettos filled with high weeds, and non-maintained. Everyone must take pride in their communities and make it more beautiful and safe and pull their weight. It is not about being rich or poor, it is about pride, value and respect for self and others. We need to engage the youth especially the boys, to become more active positively

    I commend the building of cohesive communities or semi-gated communities. We have that, but it is time to engage and retrain the youth and many adults to value themselves, their neighbors and their properties beginning immediately by cleaning up and beautifying their communities all the time or else we will see the same being repeated with the building of these new homes in the future.

    There is so much to be done, and it can be done once everyone pull their weight in working educationally, economically and spiritually to upgrade themselves. We need to stop the drinking and wasting time at the corner rum shops and become more productive. There are so much opportunities in Guyana, many people taking the easy way out selling, and complaining that people not buying when every one selling the same things. There are too many small shops than people to buy. There are too many people wasting their time day in and day out just standing around talking and wasting their life away doing nothing especially in Georgetown near the transportation hubs . Develop your brilliance every Guyanese has so that we can take more control of developing our natural resources. Cease the opportunity to develop your life and the lives of every Guyanese. We must move forward and develop ourselves so that we can develop and live a better life for ourselves and families and for the good of Guyana. Do not be afraid of going to school and developing your intellect for the high powered technological and skilled jobs. All the outside countries are seeing the natural resource opportunities that Guyana has but many of us are not qualifying ourselves for the jobs or to become the owners of these resources. Why we cannot see it and qualify ourselves for the jobs and opportunities?

    Lastly, and more importantly this is a critical analysis of some of the things that are happening. We must understand this and try to change the negative things that are suppressing us.

  4. Pls give poor ppl a piece of land to build a house of their choice ministry building houses that is avenue for corruption mr granger take note

  5. This is going to be more thieving than Irfaan!

    Why is the government getting into the construction industry? This is insane…

  6. Building Housing In Cohesive Communities.

    What On Earth Does This Mean in relation to Community Affordable Housing?

    Cohesion means unity.

    Most people want a home for themselves and family.

    They are not concerned about any cohesion.

    Most would also like to have neighbors that are civilized, non-interfering, respecting each other’s privacy, no loud music or noise after midnight, and the safety of property and personal space.


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