Gov’t to ban importation of some AC Units


hole-in-ozone-layerCabinet has approved a two-pronged approach to restrict the importation of ozone depleting substances.

This follows the adoption of recommendations to enforce legislation that will make Guyana compliant with the Vienna Treaty and its Montreal Protocol to phase out the use of Ozone Depleting Substances.

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon said their approach will involve the Guyana Revenue Authority in the enforcement aspect.

He explained that the first prong of their procedure will see all new AC equipment that does not comply with the treaty obligation being seized.

The second approach will deal with non-compliant air conditioning equipment that is already installed. These equipment will not be subjected to retro-fitting exercise as those imported and would therefore phase out gradually.

The target is to have all such installed units phased out by the year 2040. GRA has been engaging business owners and retailers on this issue in an effort to acquaint them with the treaty obligations and according to Dr. Luncheon this awareness will continue.



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