Govt terminates services of State pathologist


The Public Health Ministry has terminated the services of Government Pathologist, Dr Vivekanand Bridgemohan for reasons currently unknown.

Dr Bridgemohan was reportedly informed of the termination of his services on Tuesday as he was preparing to perform three autopsies for the police.

Dr Bridgemohan, who has conducted more than 15,000 autopsies, was one of two pathologists who served in the Public Health Ministry. He performed his duties mostly in the Berbice region.

With the termination of Dr Bridgemohan’s contract, only State pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh can perform autopsies for the Police-related cases.

Meanwhile, as Police wait for the autopsies to be conducted on the bodies of 55-year-old Junior Quintin, also called “Hammer” of 58 Stanleytown; Shantharam Seenarine of East Canje, and Dominic Tyler Sulker of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, family members are uncertain whether or not to go ahead with funeral arrangements.

Divisional Commander Paul Langevine has assured relatives that arrangements will be made for the autopsies to be conducted.

Back in June 2017, Dr Bridgemohan was imprisoned at the Camp Street jail by Justice Navindra Singh after he failed to show up to provide evidence in a matter before him.

Editor’s Note: This story previously carried the photo of Dr Vivekanand Bridgemohan, a physician and not Dr Vivekanand Bridgemohan, the pathologist. It has since been edited to remove the wrong image.