Govt taking action to address corruption concerns – Harmon


Addressing the National Assembly during the 2016 Budget debates, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, signalled the Coalition Government’s intention to address corruption. The minister described corruption as an issue that “eats away at the moral fabric of society.”

Minister of State, Joeseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

He listed the rating given to Guyana, over the years by Transparency International’s Index. These are as follows; In 2006, out 166 countries, Guyana was ranked 121; in 2007, Guyana was ranked 123; in 2008, it was ranked at 126; in 2009, 126; in 2010, 116; in 2011, the rank was 134; in 2012, 133; in 2013, 136;  in 2014, the rate was 124 and in 2015, Guyana was ranked at 119.

The Minister said it is the Coalition Government’s intention that measures being put in place will help to “correct that perception”. He added that this reduction would “provide a quality of public service which would make us proud and provide certainty to all, that we are a country that is serious about doing business.”

The ranking of corruption indices is often used as a determining factor by many potential investors, before they decide to do business with countries. The higher the perception of corruption, the more difficult it is to do business or attract investments from entrepreneurs.





  1. look at the people in the ministry that take money for processing document. The High Court. post Office for Birth Certificate, The passport office, custom, the airport people asking you for money when you go true security when they see you wallet. I know this I have experience this. driver License, everyone I know buy the license

  2. Govt taking action to address corruption concerns – Harmon.
    Harmon will you now go after those that continue to shake down certain sector of citizens at City Hall?
    Will you go after those that shake down a certain sector of society who goes doe their drivers license?
    Will you go after the traffic copper who stand there with radar gun pulling in certain motorists to shake them down for going one km over the speed limit?
    Will you go after those that shake down a certain sector of society who must conduct business in government run institutions?
    When PNC ruled for 28 years that very sector of society were being shaken down to the gill.
    PPP came to power and retained the said shake down people and that very certain sector of society was even shaken down in a bigger way to get their stuff and and conduct their business.
    PNC back in power now– of yeh lets give them the benefit of doubt that they will stop the shake downs since it was PNC that created it.


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