Gov’t still has faith in sugar industry; adjustments being made


By Leroy Smith

[]In order to save the sugar industry and ensure that is it efficient and contributes to the development of the country, the use of machinery is necessary and already new fields have been prepared to become machine friendly while existing fields have been going through a conversation stage.

This is according to President Donald Ramotar in response to questions on whether the sugar industry is still relevant. Ramotar told a press conference that at the moment there is a lot of corrective works being done on the Skeldon Sugar Factory while moves are afoot to secure the services of more skills to assist in the technical aspect of the operation in both agriculture and the factory itself.

With respect to the privatization of the sugar industry, the Guyanese President explained that while he is not closed off to any options, the main focus of the government is to ensure that the industry receives the support it needs with hope of it bouncing back and making a huge contribution to the development of the country.

The President said that the option of privatizing the industry is not on the table at the moment.  He admitted that the labour force within the industry is dwindling hence the need for machines to be used in keeping the industry going.

Ramotar pointed to the heavy competition for labour particularly within the mining sector to which many operations have been losing their labour.

Asked about the Chief Executive Officer’s position for the company, the Head of State said that the CEO will be appointed soon. He reminded that the serving Chairman of the board is the named CEO and once he assumes his duties as CEO of the company, then a new board issues will be looked at given the fact that it had its life extended twice.



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