Gov’t rejects explanation for ‘lost’ Venezuelan chopper which landed at Kaikan

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

By Jomo Paul

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

[] – The Guyana Government has officially rejected the explanation offered by Venezuela for a military aircraft landing at the Kaikan Airstrip in Essequibo.

iNews had reported that the chopper landed at the Kaikan Airstrip on December 03 and occupants inquired from two women of the community if it was San Juan, Venezuela.

When the women replied in the negative and informed that they were in Guyana, the craft took off almost immediately. It was noted that troops from the Guyana Defence Force had noticed the chopper but before they could reach the area it took off.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon at a post cabinet media briefing on Thursday, December 10, stated that the government is not accepting the explanation offered since there were several other unanswered variables.

“Sometimes you can actually say these things happen because when you are flying across jungle territory, the definition of the border is not so clear…We cannot accept that to be the position in this case because a Venezuela Military pilot must know where he is going,” said Harmon.

[File Photo]
[File Photo]
Harmon was pellucid that government’s response would have been different if it had been a lost civilian aircraft.

“He must see that this is not Venezuelan territory, I can understand maybe if it’s a civilian aircraft he might have been disoriented but we will not accept this in this case,” the State Minister told reporters

In addition to dispatching a note verbal to the local Venezuelan Embassy, the APNU+AFC government has taken steps to inform the United Nations of this development.

Guyana and Venezuela are currently involved in a bitter border controversy with the Guyana government lobbying for a juridical settlement. The border controversy escalated in May this year when Venezuela issued a maritime decree claiming most of Guyana’s Atlantic waters. Since then Guyana has mounted an intense international campaign to rebuff Venezuela’s claims.



  1. Ramjattan what the people to open trade and you don’t want to listen to the people. You fool are so stupid. Thank I don’t live in Guyana anymore

  2. This Harmon is an eye sore… and Ramjattan, a waste of this salary increase. As Minister of Public Security, why are you silent? Cant u see the dangers around our borders, oh, sorry u can’t.

  3. I am strongly begining to suspect that this people think singing this same song would rally the people behind the government.Rather i am listening to a leadership that knows nothing about diplomacy.ok so you report like a cry baby,what is going to happen is UN going to sanction venezuela?on the other hand you have AFC singing about how badly they need back the venezuelan rice deal.if that is the plan APNU act the strong man while AFC act the cry baby.You people need to wake up see the way you all are behaving like local politicians on an international arena .in seven months all the foreign trips wasted,the government has nobody to call its friend.investors have run away.trotman is there announcing about 300,000usd deal over a year.please ask trotman to tell us how much bill did he and this entourage rack up for taxpayers on the trip.we are here and we would still be here watching


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