Govt pushing for completion of Sherriff/Mandela Road Project by October 31


Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill has assured that all efforts are being made to complete the Sherriff/Mandela Road Project before its October 31 deadline.

He said sufficient effort must be made on the part of the contractor before he budges on his position of October 31.

“We expect that both bridges which is both the Lamaha Bridge and the Arapaima Bridge to be fully completed, as you can see paving is accelerating, we have moved paving apace, because apart from the contractor supplying asphalt through his own arrangement, he has engaged the ministry and our asphalt plant is also supplying asphalt to the road,” Minister Edghill told journalists on Friday.

The Public Works Minister said the second and the third lift paving is being done on the Sheriff Street portion heading towards the Lamaha Bridge, and first lift paving is ongoing between DSL on Mandela heading to back to Sheriff Street.

“We have some delays with the shipping of the traffic lights and the poles for the traffic signals, the traffic signs, we anticipate practical completion of all the heavy work, we’re pushing for October 31. I have said to them, day or night work, let’s get there,” Minister Edghill said.

He said the only thing that will be left outstanding would be the installation of the traffic lights and safety signs. The importation of these items has been delayed due to ongoing international shipping issues.

The Minister noted that he will engage the Inter-American Development Bank to determine whether it is possible for the work to go two weeks beyond October 31.

The Mandela Sherriff Expansion Project commenced in 2017 and has experienced several setbacks.