Gov’t, Police will bury victims in of Middle Street shooting incident



By Kurt Campbell

Daughters web[] – Minister of Human Services and Social Security Jennifer Webster during visits to the relatives of those killed on Tuesday (November 12) by a berserk Businessman on Middle Street, Georgetown has committed to Government’s financial assistance in the burial of the deceased civilians along with added social assistance for the families.

Businessman/Gold Miner Deryck Kanhai went on a rampage on Tuesday discharging rounds indiscriminately killing an employee of Crown’s Taxi Service (which was housed in his building) and another man.

Police responded to this report and was held at bay for three hours during which time, two other ranks were shot dead. The man who police said is a licensed firearm holder reportedly shot himself in the end.  However, the police are claiming that they (police) shot the berserk businessman.

The first visit on Wednesday morning by the Minister and senior ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) was to the home of Police Lance Corporal 20293 Forde where they met with his mother, Claire Victorino. Relatives related that the incident has left her traumatized and she has not uttered a word since yesterday.

The woman had a book that she used to communicate with the officials.  Minister Webster made arrangements for her to seek immediate medical attention.

Forde’s relatives and police colleagues related that he called several persons asking them to forgive him for previous wrongdoings.

“Maybe he had a premonition” one relative remarked. iNews also learnt that the Corporal was forced by his mother to go to work on the day in question. The police have committed, as customary to stand the expense for Forde’s burial.

The convoy then visited a family friend of the man who was shot by the Kanhai, Patricia Coates since all his relatives is said to be overseas. Coates related that the man who has been identified as 71 – year – old Hugh Allister Paul and former Queens College Student  was not a Taxi Driver as previously reported.

“He likes to chat, everyone would tell you that… I don’t know but I have a feeling he probably stopped to chat with that man” Coates said.

On the side, Minister Webster said that the incident is most unfortunate and expressed sincere condolences on behalf of the entire Government to the bereaved relatives.

“We need to pay attention in our society to what goes on because in this case maybe if it had been reported before the outcome of the situation could have been different… activities such as these is everyone’s business” she implored, against the backdrop that such behavior from the perpetrator was regular and was ongoing for some-time yesterday before police were called in.

The final visit this morning was to the home of the Taxi Service’s dispatcher Vanessa Vyphuis-October. At home at the time was the woman’s mother Dolly October and her two daughters.

“When she was leaving she pointed to her daughter and said mommy this is your daughter… I didn’t know this is what she meant” the sobbing mother related.

The woman has three children. The older female was forced to miss a job interview scheduled for this morning in light of the incident; the other daughter is Primary School Student.

The family of the fourth victim in the shooting incident, Police Constable 18053 Pantlitz will be visited later this afternoon. The Guyana Police Force will also stand the expense for his burial.

Post Mortem Examinations will be done on the four victims on Friday (November 15).



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