Gov’t plans to rename Carifesta Avenue to ‘Avenue of the Caribbean’ – sources

With Guyana set to co-host the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Heads of Government Summit in July this year, major plans are afoot to welcome regional leaders.
One such plan is the renaming of Carifesta Avenue, which runs from Vlissengen Road at the Kitty Pump Station to Camp Street. According to sources at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI), the new name of the road will be ‘Avenue of the Caribbean’.
The project concept was approved by Cabinet following which bids were open for tendering. The bids were reportedly opened last week. The project also entails facelift works along the road.
According to an advertisement placed by the MPI in March, the works are being done under the ‘Urban renewal on Carifesta Avenue: Avenue of the Caribbean’ project and is divided into two parts. One aspect will deal with lighting while the second will deal with civil works.
carifestaHowever the source noted that the $138 million project will see the road widening to the north and the creation of sidewalks along the road.
In addition, there will be a median installed in the middle of the road to separate the southern and northern carriageways. The source explained that one of the major bottlenecks on that road is Marian Academy which constantly has vehicles driving in and out, as such with the works planned for the road, “persons will not be able to go in and come out as they feel”.
Moreover, this newspaper was told that to commemorate the upcoming CARICOM summit, plans are afoot to install flags of all the CARICOM Member States on the median that will be placed along the road.
The Thirty-Seventh Regular Meeting of the Conference will be held from July 4 to 6, 2016 under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit and will be co-hosted by the Caricom Secretariat and the Government of Guyana.
Guyana agreed to co-host the meeting after Dominica pulled out. The Caribbean island suffered significant damage after Tropical Storm Erika battered it for five hours last August.
According to the Rotation Schedule for the Chairmanship of the Conference, Guyana will assume Chairmanship from January 1 to June 30, 2017.


  1. You are so correct. It’s not like the road will be called “President Granger Avenue”. The Government is simply honouring our nation’s comment to CARICOM.

  2. How about pick pocket avenue,and choke and rob alley,new roads , new towns,infrastructure at it’s best,georgetown to greentown (hammie)..great job

  3. As I heard it, the theme for project is Avenue of the Caribbean, I did not hear there was going to be a name change, but then things do change. Let me wait and see who heard correctly!

  4. Gov’t plans to rename Carifesta Avenue to ‘Avenue of the Caribbean’ – sources
    Re-naming / places/ things /streets will greatly advanced and enrich the lives of all Guyanese- so why the PNC don change the name of the country from Guyana to>>>>>>>>>>> Oh we forget how PNC love name changes –PNC PNCR to PNCRIG to APNU..look how all those changes enriched the lives of Guyanese huh …

  5. So i have a question… the word “Carifesta” is that a festival with inputs from the entire caribbean territory, so why rename it the obvious? I think the word for that is “redundant”…oh, or maybe the government may just be “reiterating”…smfh

  6. How would renaming the road improve our lives,surprise the new name is not GRANGER HIGHWAY–morons –employees of LBI and WALES sugar estates are worried as to how they will feed their families while these incompetent, useless, bigoted morons are interested in a name change. ETHNIC CLEANSING my brothers.The asshole Burnham tried to destroy us and failed and this fool will fail too.


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