Gov’t orders review of parking meters contract


After mounting criticisms from various sections of the population, the Government announced earlier today (Wednesday) that it has ordered a review of the Georgetown parking meters contract.  

parkingMinister of State, Joseph Harmon, at a press briefing today said that while this move will not focus on the rates for parking on selected streets in the city, it will be based on ensuring that no illegalities are found in the process, adding that this decision is by no means a signal that it would interfere with the work of the Georgetown City Council. 

He maintained that the government respects the independence of the City Council. 

According to the State Minister, the agreement between City Council and the National Parking Systems/ Smart City Solutions will be reviewed by both the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Over the past few days, there were several concerns expressed by commentators, transparency advocates, the parliamentary opposition and the deputy mayor himself, Sherod Duncan, concerning the parking meters project. These concerns include; the total lack of transparency surrounding the project, the legitimacy of the company contracted, the price proposed to be charged, the fact that no prior public consultations were held with stakeholders, and the overall secrecy and constant inconsistencies that surround the undertaking.




  1. Guyana is not ready for parking meter! These equipment will be vandalised and the MCC will up paying for these! This money going down the drain! Remember!What has happened to all those telephone booths!

  2. You want smart city solutions! Then start first by getting your judicial system in order! All the business who haven’t paid their taxes (be it property or corporate or otheriwse), have them brought to court and have them pay their taxes. Those taxes I’m pretty sure would amount to millions of dollars which the city council can use instead of having parking meters placed. Guyana is a third world country and the cost of living is already high. We have the rich and the poor. No middle. Where do they think people will find that money from? Crime will increase! Might be a good thing though cause the populous will get healthier by walking more


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