Govt misleads: Basil Blackman still honorary advisor


Basil Blackman has confirmed he still holds the position of an honorary advisor under the Ministry of the Presidency (MoTP) even though the Government has refuted claims of that nature.
Blackman told one of INews’ sister media entity on Saturday that he has been an advisor since his appointment in May 2016.
As honorary advisor, Blackman was not being paid but he was willing to contribute to improved governance.

However, the MOTP on April 25, in a strong missive, denied that Blackman was an official of that body as was outlined in an online news article.
“The Ministry of the Presidency wishes to inform all and sundry that Mr Basil Blackman AA, the individual mentioned in the sensational report, is not an adviser to His Excellency David Granger, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, neither is he an official of the Ministry of the Presidency,” the statement outlined.

A business card showing Basil Blackman is an official of the MoTP

The MOTP further demanded that the online news entity retract its article, claiming that assertion that Blackman was an official is erroneous.
The online article reported that the man fingered in the plot to assassinate President David Granger had attended a party hosted by Blackman.
However, Blackman has since highlighted that he does not know all of the attendees at the event.
Regarding the investigation into the assassination plot, Police have managed to obtain the phone records of persons involved.
The probe recently took an unexpected turn when a witness revealed that the complainant (the man who claimed he was hired to assassinate the President) had offered him money to give a statement to the Police claiming that he was present when the two businessmen contacted him (complainant) to assassinate the President.
According to sources, the complainant had only made the monetary offer after he informed the Police of the assassination plot.
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum has assured that all efforts are being made to expedite the investigation.
If the Police concludes that the assassination plot claims were mischievous, guilty parties can be charged for providing false information to the Police.
However, if the allegation is true, the guilty parties could be charged for treason.


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