Govt launches campaign to remove obstructions on roadways


The Ministry of Public Infrastructure will be conducting a countrywide campaign to remove all obstructions/encumbrances on all main access roads.

This is in accordance with Section 29 of the Road Act Cap. 51:01 of the Laws of Guyana, the Ministry stated.

This campaign will commence on Monday, April 1, 2019.The public and violators are advised to remove all such violations on before the campaign commences.

“All encumbrances found on the Government’s reserve during this campaign will be removed immediately with a recovery cost attached,” the Ministry warned.

Items which will be removed are:

1. Derelict Vehicle/Equipment
2. Immovable Vehicle
3. Hardware Store
4. Barber Shop
5. Rum Shop and Bar
6. Builders waste
7. Roadside Shop
8. Car Park
9. Sawmill
10. Cargo Containers
11. Scrap Iron Dealer
12. Clay Stock Pile/Heap
13. Sand/Stone Heap 14. Structure
15. Mobile Vending Cart
16. Tyre Servicing
17. Mud-dumping
18. Workshop
19. Non-Derelict
20. Concrete mixing (ROAD)
21. No Stopping/No Parking Sign
22. None Approved Sign Board
23. Paddy Drying
24. Raised Driveway/Property Access



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