Gov’t hires British local content specialist for oil and gas sector

Local content specialist, Dr Michael Warner

A contract to the tune of over US$100,000 was awarded to British local content specialist, Dr Michael Warner for individual consultancy services to the State pertaining to the oil and gas sector.

This is one of several contracts that have recently been approved by the Government. Warner is presently the Director for Local Content reporting, Sustainable Business Group of the DAI Global.

It was DAI Global that helped to launch and then manage ExxonMobil’s Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD) based in Guyana. Warner has also presented on Guyana’s own draft Local Content policy, where he gave it positive reviews.

Local content specialist,
Dr Michael Warner

“For individual consultancy for local content in the oil and gas sector in Guyana, Ministry of Natural Resources, the sum of US$104,500 has been awarded to Dr Michael Warner,” Harmon announced.

When it comes to the Department of Energy’s recent statements that it wants the principal act reviewed before the start of a new licensing round, Harmon explained that in such a scenario the ball was actually in the Department’s court.

“Legislative drafting does not start in the National Assembly. It starts with the entities that have to deal with that particular matter. So if you’re talking about amendments to the principal legislation, these are matters which have to be dealt with by the Department. Then it goes to the AG Chambers. And normally we put it out for public comment.”

“Also, it is not correct to say these things are stalled… because unless it is ready to be dealt with in the National Assembly, there’s still work to be done at a level that doesn’t require (politicians).”

According to Harmon, there is actually action taking place in terms of Guyana’s preparations for the oil and gas sector. He cited the announcement that President David Granger had assented to the Natural Resources Fund Bill.

“From the beginning of the year, we started passing bills,” Harmon said. “There are several other bills … which are being dealt with and will go to the National Assembly as part of the Government’s legislative agenda.”

“So, there is a legislative agenda, but certainly if the Parliament does not meet, that agenda will in fact be affected. But with respect to the functioning of the Department of Energy, any other bills which come up will be dealt with in the normal procedure.”



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