Govt encourages feedback on Code of Conduct for public officials


The APNU/AFC Government has announced that it will continue to receive written comments on the draft Code of Conduct for Ministers of Government, Members of the National Assembly and public office holders.

Some members of the David Granger-led Cabinet
Some members of the David Granger-led Cabinet

In a media release issued today, the Government noted that it has received written feedback from some key civil society organisations on the draft Code of Conduct, including the Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Human Rights Association.

“In an effort to ensure a thorough and comprehensive code which benefits from the widest possible input, Government will allow for further comments before the Code is presented to Cabinet for approval and finalisation,” the statement added.

On this basis, the Government has stated that it is encouraging wide ranging citizen and stakeholder participation in the process leading up to the final version of the Code which is intended to promote professional, exemplary and responsible conduct by senior government personnel.

The Code is further meant to engender and reinforce public confidence in the manner in which senior government officials perform their duties in service to the people. It is based on ten principles – Accountability, Dignity, Diligence, Duty, Honour, Integrity, Loyalty, Objectivity, Responsibility and Transparency – and is a Coalition Government manifesto promise.




  1. When will the Government ask for a feedback from the public on the Rodney COI??? This COI was paid for with tax payers money and belongs to the public. Any redacted copy of this report must be fully rejected by the public. “Code of Conduct” remains a sham and farce as long as the government continues with its secretive ways.


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