Gov’t doing everything possible and having ‘tremendous results’ in reducing crime – Ramjattan tells National Assembly


Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan,  told the National Assembly on Wednesday night that the APNU/AFC government is very concerned about the crime situation in Guyana and is doing everything possible to reduce crime and getting “tremendous results” in doing so.

“We on this side (of the House) are also very concerned about crime and especially serious crimes. We too grieve for those deaths that have been as a result of robberies and murders of whatever type. We too grieve, our hearts bleed over here too, and so it is important to understand that,” Ramjattan said in response to a verbal roasting in the House from PPP/C Member of Parliament and former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee on the spiralling crime scourge currently plaguing the land.

Minister Khemraj Ramjattan
Minister Khemraj Ramjattan

Ramjattan was also reacting to a  motion laid my Rohee in the House for the Government to report on all of the measures in place to tackle crime.

Minister Ramjattan advised the House that Government’s concern on the crime issue dates back to the days, while in the opposition.

“We over here have tremendous concerns and this concern was not as a result of being in government, but it was a long time there when we were on the opposite side and when on the opposite (side) we were seeing crime skyrocketing all across this country;  but being the minister today, we are doing all that is possible, all that can be done in the circumstances and we are having tremendous results,” the Government Information Agency quoted Ramjattan as telling Members of the National Assembly

Minister Ramjattan in shutting down the motion, told the National Assembly a number of crime fighting initiatives have been streamlined, and put into action by the Government through the law enforcement agencies. The minister further stated that these initiatives have resulted in significant reduction in crime over the past months.

Improving the national security environment started some time back and the efforts are bringing fruit. For the period January 1 to April 30, 2016, Minister Ramjattan reported that Guyana recorded a 19 percent reduction in crime, compared to the corresponding period last year.  


  1. This crime situation,initially started on the PPP`s tour of duty,years ago,and continued more rampantly under the Presidencies of both Jagdeo and Ramotar.One of the main reasons,was due to the big DRUG RUNNINGS that were allowed to get out of hand.Even DRUG LORD Roger Khan had claimed that he was helping Jagdeo`s government to curb this crime that was taking place,can you believe that?Anyway,the crimes continue under this Coalition government,but I believe,a dire effort has been made to turn this situation around,which will take some time,but will eventually be controlled.The leadership and will are there,and will make that difference.

  2. Mr Ramjattan claims he is bleeding, I don’t think it’s blood, the people who are dying bleed red blood, less speeches more actions.

  3. This guy should shut up,and start the ball rolling,all he does is advocate for softer penalties..criminals see him as very soft

  4. Prevention is better than cure. Sleeping Ramjat you need to be proactive by preventing crime and not boasting about how you are solving crimes when victims already suffered serious injuries, losing their lives and their money or valuables.

  5. No need for me to read further into this article. The headline says it all. Is this idiot fir real. Crime is on the upswing.

  6. This idiot has the wrong job,if the government is doing all it can and this is the result then the govt needs to resign,this is the most shameful thing a minister can say to the people of this country who are bleeding every day.


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