Govt displacing people’s ability to take care of themselves- Edghill

PPP/C MP Juan Edghill
PPP/C MP Juan Edghill

In his heated delivery to the National Assembly during the no-confidence motion debate, Member of Parliament (MP) Juan Edghill shut down claims made by Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan.

According to Edghill, the motion was filed with the expectation of forcing Government to do better for the welfare of the Guyanese people.

Edghill said that the Government continues to lack vision, continues to be dishonest and continues to take from Guyanese instead of giving.

The MP noted that transformation was expected from the coalition Government not continued hardships which are forcing Guyanese to run “from home”.

” People were more financially stronger before this Government took over… the people no longer trust you because you don’t ever tell them the truth. You raise your salaries from June of 2015, you denied it at press conferences, it was only when the opposition brought it to the public did you admit it…handling of the signing bonus, for more than one year the public was kept in the dark from several Ministers until documentation presented itself…Rather than giving the people more, you re taking from them and that is why we don’t have confidence in you” Edghill said in condemning the Government.

According to the MP, the Guyanese people are imprisoned in their own homes because of the continuous rise in the crime rate, there is a lack of housing and he noted that the budget is one that only flourishes on paper.

Edghill stated that the no-confidence motion pushes Government to say to the people what they have been saying in private, that they are failing.

“From today my colleagues from the other side will have no excuse because when they go out an meet Guyanese with their dissatisfaction, now you will have to say publicly what you have been telling people privately, this is a day of reckoning…It is better not to make a promise than to make a promise and not keep it. You are putting hardship on the people, how can they have confidence in you” said Edghill.


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