Govt consults small political parties on COVID-19 response


President Irfaan Ali, and his Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, yesterday met and consulted with leaders and representatives of the small political parties.

The meeting was held to discuss interests and concerns as the government sets out to revamp the nation’s response to the Novel Coronavirus disease.

The political parties included the Liberty and Justice Party (LJP), The National Movement (TNM), A New and United Guyana (ANUG), Change Guyana (CG) and the United Republican Party (URP).

Recently, the Health Minister announced that the new administration is actively working towards restructuring the response to COVID-19 on all fronts with a more holistic approach.

Upon President Ali’s swearing-in, one of his immediate actions as Head of State was to order an assessment of the previous response mechanism. From this review, several deficiencies and shortcomings were identified.

As a result, Minister Anthony has described the previous response to be disjointed and eventually ineffective. The new approach, he said, seeks to provide a more technical and people-centred approach to combatting the onset of the disease in Guyana.