Govt committed to ensuring Chinese investors get a fair deal – Granger


President David Granger said that his Government is committed to ensuring that Chinese investors have a fair deal in the local business arena. He was at the time delivering an address at a dinner and magazine launch organised by the Association of Chinese Enterprises in Guyana (ACEG). The event was held at the Marriott Hotel, Kingston last evening.

A section of the gathering at the Marriott Hotel, Kingston, Georgetown
A section of the gathering at the Marriott Hotel, Kingston, Georgetown

Making reference to the 2016 national budget, which was presented to Parliament earlier in the day, the President said that Guyana is committed to creating an enabling environment for businesses to function.

“The 2016 Budget lays the foundation for growth, increased economic activity and greater competitiveness… it is a pro-business, pro-growth Budget. It also addresses important challenges within our social sector and the need to bridge the disparities between the hinterland and coastland and between rural and urban,” the Head of State said.

President Granger added that the Government is pursuing a market-based economy through policies that promote investment in the productive and commercial sectors, but noted that while the country needs a thriving commercial sector, it also needs a thriving productive sector.

“Guyana, therefore, welcomes investors not only in trading, but also in agro-processing, energy generation, information technology and telecommunications, engineering, fishing, housing, mining, manufacturing and tourism. Everyone wins with a larger economy,” the President said.

He assured the Chinese business community of his Administration’s commitment to creating an enabling business environment; promoting thriving commerce and international trade by creating an enabling environment for investment; suppressing illicit trade; protecting the rights and freedoms of all people; providing infrastructure to enable freer faster and cheaper movement to the hinterland and the other sources of economic growth; and to ensuring a strong regulatory framework so as to secure fairness, quality, high standards and the protection of the interests of consumers.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Zhang Limin in his remarks hailed the friendly relations that Guyana and China have shared since establishing diplomatic ties 40 years ago. He noted that the Chinese companies in Guyana are not only promoters of Guyana-China economic cooperation but are also major participants in the development of Guyana.




  1. Granger upset with the indians because they refuse to give him polourie seed so he can ban flour–the chinese come and open restaurants and live peacefully while his ppl stilll gat white mouth like madmaxx..

  2. Dem crab daag a enjoy the Marriot Hotel now the same place deh want fo close down–de bringing investors from Haiti and Angola-and de kicking out the chinese and indians—

  3. As Guyanese we have to stand up to the scrutiny of allowing chinese businesses into Guyana. Let them come but their workforce should be 80% Guyanese 20% Chinese. There should be Guyanese in the managerial bracket of these companies too.

  4. Govt committed to ensuring Chinese investors get a fair deal – Granger
    Well well well..Looks like the PNC crab dogs madmaxxx and looknuh dem gone into shame..
    They used to say PPP sold Guyana to Chinese and Indiana and look what their beloved PNC embracing now.. Shame gon kill yall…
    Yall should now demand that yall PNC rulers must done way with the Chinese and the Indians and bring in yall African investors to do big business in Guyana so all Guyanese can enjoy the good life PNC promised if not yall gon get beri beri and swell belly again under PNC rule

  5. This concept of chinese investors seems to have a connotation of its own.
    The chinese we have on rob street and regent street have only serve as a class created to cause hardship on our own street vendors.
    Any investor focus has to be directed to industrialisation not clothes andfood vending.
    They have been coming under the pretex of doing one thing and bribe their way through to other things.
    Those that have been naturalised and found to have circumvent the process thru bribery should be denied citizenship and send back to china.
    The chinese are known for been free handed to get the things they want. The legitimate ones should be allowed to stay.
    BUT… the playing field has to be the same for our own investors.


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