Gov’t commits not to spend IDB loan funds


By Jomo Paul

APNU Shadow Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge.
APNU Shadow Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge.

[] – The government of Guyana has committed not to spend a US$17M that it received from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to execute two projects before April 08.

The government made the commitment as the court case brought before the State by A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) Executive Member Carl Greenidge continued before acting Chief Justice Ian Chang.

Greenidge had filed a writ at the High Court to prevent the government from accessing the IDB loan. He told media operatives shortly after the court hearing that he was satisfied with the present development.

“We are pleased with the outcome because in a sense that is what we asked the Chief Justice to pronounce on,” said Greenidge.

According to Greenidge, as far as he is aware, the loans have been disbursed to the government and some of it has been deposited into the consolidated fund.

According to the writ filed, the plaintiff is asking that the proceeds under the Loan Agreements signed between Dr. Singh and the IDB be paid into the Consolidated Fund.

Greenidge is also asking that there be no withdrawal of the proceeds of the said Loan Agreements except by an Appropriation Act as directed by Article 217 of the Constitution and a declaration that no withdrawal of the proceeds of the said Loan Agreements be made, except to the limit specified in Article 219 of the Constitution and Section 36 of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act.




  1. Why all u all getting your panties stuck in your asses. Greenidge is brilliant and has shone plenty light on a lot of thieving done by the PPP/C govenrment and their friends and families. The man is simply brilliant, and you can’t tek it.

  2. mckenzie u big dummy u can talk now because u get food to eat and not eating no more from garbage heap..i say no more..

  3. Carl Greenidge is the worse finance minister Guyana every had. APNU PNC and its supporters look at him like a champion when he is a bankrupted master

  4. Carl Greenidge, Are you of Ham generation? You still don’t understand the world!
    Hey Greenidge, did you watch the tape “then top cop Winston Felix and PNC official discuss planting drugs on a PNC member”? Did you listen to it? Almost everyone listening to it. Some of them PNC Criminals started to get vex with me already.
    By the the way I am a PPP and will always support PPP, if they make mistake I will always tell them, But I will never abandon them. As a PPP I will never speak or write evil of them. I know how to rebuke and correct my brothers, I don’t know how to condone wrong things.

  5. You are so green and dumb, you will remain this way until you WAKE UP from your SLUMBER.Guyana has always been the bread-basket of this region,with food a-plenty,missing a few items I`m sure, did not kill you.Farmers had to live and survive in those days,and because of the ban they survived.Unfortunately,you are alive to talk a lot of trash now.Comparing you to Greenidge,is like comparing charcoal to chalk,no comparison whatsoever.

  6. Carl Greenidge the Govt can spend the funds if it needs to. The Guyana constitution clearly state that the government is allowed to make alternative spending.
    The Guyana Govt chose not to do that this time with the IDB loan

  7. greenidge…de man still around…if he knows what like 75% guyanese think of him he might jump overboard…the man is a brilliant dunce to fool so many like hilory clinton…she might be president of the unitred states but she is so over bright that she was too dumb not to know the neocons were just itching for war with iraq like they are right now itching for war with iran..who ever voted for that war back then are on the side of the terrorists..those that banned foods from a nation is on the side of the terrorist and should be sitting in jail left to rot.


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