Gov’t commends sugar workers for job well done

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[] – The APNU+AFC Government is happy that the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuco) has accomplished and exceeded its production target for 2015. The management and workers have also been commended for ensuring this achievement.

On Monday last, GuySuCo surpassed its 2015 production target of 227, 443 tonnes. Today, the company reported that it has already achieved 148,372 tonnes of the 150,000 tonnes it was hoping to realise by the time the second crop ends next week. Albion, Rosehall and Enmore are currently grinding.

The total production achieved for the year up to today is 229, 515 tonnes, just under 500 tonnes more to the 230,000 the company was expecting to attain.

In an invited comment on Thursday to the Government Information Agency, Prime Minister and First Vice President Moses Nagamootoo stated that, “I am very pleased that they have all worked diligently and as hard as they usually do and to help realise the target.”

The Prime Minister has also attributed the success to the innovations implemented by the new management of GuySuco.

“They have been coming up with innovative measures to have the factories perform better, and some of those innovations are showing the independence of the management of GuySuco which is free from political interference and dictat, and it’s showing hopeful signs of GuySuco as an industry.”

The Prime Minister believes that the workers are now more energised that they are offered better leadership.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo further stated that the sugar workers must be cognisant that the nation is behind the industry as the Government is determined to save it, “because over the last few years the national treasury has funded the sugar industry perhaps with over $50B. This year was over $12B, and next year they will also have a bail out from the national purse.”

The company is indebted to the tune of $82B and, “therefore if it hasn’t become viable over the medium and long-term it’s going to be a millstone around the neck of the sugar industry,” the Prime Minister stated.

He contended that while the government also wants to see production increase, and that attention is paid to sugar workers’ conditions among others, there is the longing desire to see the industry start making profits and not go under because of indebtedness.

Meanwhile, adding to the sentiments expressed by the Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder credited this success to the new management which was installed by the Coalition Government after the company was facing difficulties.

“This government does not wish to politicise business, that was GuySuco’s problem and you saw what happened. We have taken a ‘hands off’ approach, appointed a competent board, let the management and workers do what they are supposed to do and they have surpassed the target within five months,” Holder stated.



  1. Philip please shut ur pie know damn well that sugar was on its death bed until the god send APNU+AFC came in to power and brought it back to life through good management after being mismanage by the PPP for 23 yrs..yea and the only vision jagdeo and the PPP has is to steal our TAX DOLLARS..heartless crooks.

  2. I have to say, this Crime Minister really believes that he can talk a few sweet words and Guyanese people will accept it??? I am so tired of listening to these charlatans speak as though they are God’s gift to this country. A de facto government and all of them speak as though they’ve accomplished a great feat by being in government. Sugarcane success is because of the new management team that you put in place??? What complete piffle and how much more silly statements will this minister make of this nature. The president is no better, he want linden sell breadfruit to the whole entire world!!! Square pegs in round holes!!’

  3. How long does sugar cane takes to mature before GuySuco reap same to make sugar? It is not about your management strategies made them made the target.
    It is because the economy is in a mess.Jobs have reduced elsewhere.So many of these people who were out of a job had returned to, or join the hard manual cane cutting.
    I will not credit APNU+AFC for making GuySuco making their target. The sugar canes were there before. It was just that there were not enough people to cut the sugar canes because there were comfortably doing other jobs elsewhere.
    With all the criticizing of Skeldon Sugar Factory the day will come when it will be the pillar of the economy. Jagdeo is someone who shows wisdom and thinks for the future.APNU+AFC don.t have any vision.All they are focusing on is to get rich for themselves.Look at the 50% for the APNU+AFC Ministers retro.from July .01.2015
    and 5% for the rest. They give themselves a 36days probation after inauguration.


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