Gov’t challenges GECOM to show evidence of readiness for Elections

Cabinet Secretary. Dr. Roger Luncheon.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon
Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon

[] – Cabinet has thrown out a challenge to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to prodivde evidence of its readiness for the hosting of Local Government and General Elections.

Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon at his post cabinet press briefing called on GECOM to “put their money where their mouth is”.

He told reporters it is only fair that the Commission demonstrates to all stakeholders’ evidence of its real state of readiness instead of “mere talks.”

Dr. Luncheon even questioned the name of the elections body asking: “Is it GECOM or GE-GONE?”

GECOM’s Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally on July 14 stated that the Commission “fully prepared and committed to move formally into an election mode with immediacy, if and when the Commission is mandated to conduct Local Government Elections.”

In this regard, the Cabinet Secretary said there seems to be a pull by GECOM to set a date for the holding of elections which would marginalize the President’s constitutional role to set a date, noting that the move can be viewed as sinister.

According to Dr Luncheon, Cabinet’s contention remains that prior to the 1992 period, considerable energy and time are now spent on this matter and fear has arisen that there are moves to revert backwards. This he noted can be viewed as a constitutional crisis.

“GECOM should provide a timely and more exhausted status report about its readiness and preparatory state on local and general elections,” Dr Luncheon said.

He emphasized that the Guyanese people and Cabinet have heard GECOM’s position on its state of readiness, however proof is needed.

Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.

“Let us put our money where our mouth is, the Chairman’s word should be matched by evidence.”

When asked if he believes the AFC’s threats of a no confidence motion and GECOM’s status are related, Dr Luncheon said this theory should be ignored until there is concrete evidence of such.

If the Alliance for Change (AFC) receives support from A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to pass the no confidence motion in the National Assembly, then Government would be forced to set a date for the holding of General elections three months after.



  1. you have to mobilize the PPP supporters get them out on to the streets and demand that PPP be fair to them..U have to admire the temerity of black people.. even when they are wrong on many subject they take to the streets in PROTEST:: what do PPP supporters do? they sit back n relax in hopes the PPP officials with fix all for them..there are more poor Indians in Guyana than that of blacks but you will never hear they crying depressed communities..PPP willfully employs PNC supporters to make sure Indians get a good cussing out when they seek assistance in PPP run offices..

  2. Well I didn’t know I needed to consider the visionless Jagans as persons capable of effecting real change. President Jagdeo I expected would have expected to achieve these things as a young, strong, vibrant, dynamic leader. The two ole farts can’t be compared. Your point of Indians not wanting to join the force since they are interested in financial rewards is invalid. There is no better place to ,get rich quick’ than the GPF and GRA. The fact is that the officers of the GPF make a lot of money but it’s squandered on Nike boots and child mothers. Indians in the force have several taxis, minibuses, houses etc. With regard to the GDF you make an excellent point. President ramotar should disband them now. They can’t defend guyana from 5 men with machine guns. We still have a chance with president Ramotar in command. Absorb them into all the ministries and NDCs. Let them repair the schools and clean the drains and not sit down and eat whole day. I still maintain that the marriott money should have been spent to create employment for our poor supporters and cane farmers( who can’t even afford to buy a drink from the marriott much less spend a week there.) Guyana doesn’t need any more hotels for several reasons 1. We have an over supply of rooms 2. We don’t have tourists in the volume necessary to support such an establishment 3. The mostly guyanese ‘tourists’ who return to guyana don’t stay at hotels but prefer the drink rum and ‘lash’ some duck curry under the bottom house. You might be surprised to know that a vast majority of our supporters still use pit latrines. Perhaps if we spent the airport money and the marriott money to create jobs for them they can afford to move away from pit latrines.

  3. I S:: here is where you went wrong..wrong turn..Jagdeo was not the President in 92…So u want to lay blame for Guyana Police force not being racially balanced then pelt your lash pon Cheddi Jagan and he wife..They were told to do it they were told to disband that thing calling itself GDF….GDF was created and formed to keep Burnham and PNC in power in the event of an uprising..U want to blame someone esle for not having Indians in Guyana police force then lay the blame squarly at the feet and hands of East Indians..East Indian men are too busy looking for ways to enhance their dollars and to drink rum and beat their wives..Its a well known fact that East Indians dont like to relocate far from their families like the Blacks do..About the Marriott you mentioned::I give you a choice::Marriott -Tower or PEG:::I know I taking Marriott…which for you? Jagdeo does not want Guyanese to go back to the days of back yard latrine pit…Marriott and more the merrier..

  4. We need cheap electricity in Berbice too. Why only the PNC supporters getting cheap electricity! We Indians are fed up with this. Bring cheap electricity to Berbice and Essequibo now. E must we pay for the PNC supporters who are stealing electricity in buxton and Agricola. We want Justice. In 22 years we couldn’t balance the judiciary! If the APNU get into power now we Indians are going to suffer the consequences. We need the snap elections now and a good leader of the PPP to fix these things or at least promise to fix it. Once we promise these things our supporters will come out back in the thousands. Throw some money in gecom quickly so we can hold the polls quickly we need to take back the majority we had to do these things.

  5. Exactly Gray! In 22 years we have not balanced the police force. We should have set up training schools in Berbice and Essequibo and get foreign help to train professional Indians to join the force. After 22 years the force should have and could have been reflective of the racial composition of the country, in that case no one can claim marginalization! I don’t understand why president Jagdeo didn’t do this instead of building a Marriott. Same should have been done with the Army, civil service and other public institutions. We the Indians have to suffer the consequences in the form of harassment and discrimination. We get the targeted on the roads by police and tormented into paying bribes because we are decent citizens and don’t want face the embarrassment and humiliation of being taken to the police station and charged for frivolous offences. We get the push around at GRA and other public institutions because let’s face it we are the ones doing most of the commerce. Minster Rohee needs to deal with the harassment and targeting of Indians by police officers, we are totally fed up now! We need to stop being bullied for bribes at the GRA, it’s overbearing! We don’t want any new airport! We want properly trained teachers to educate our children! Send the best teachers to Berbice and Essequibo our Indian children deserve the best! Not the rejects! We need proper healthcare don’t worry with the Marriott, let’s put that 30 billon dollars into a project that will create jobs for our Indian sugar workers!

  6. once pnc conquer gecom pnc win all have police on their have army on their have US on their have UK on their have the judiciary on their side.. there is nothing more sweeter than this to win elections..


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