Gov’t cannot afford to place counselors at every school


By Fareeza HaniffSchools

[] – The APNU+AFC government cannot afford to place a counselor at each and every school across the country, according to Head of State, David Granger.

The topic recently came up for discussion when Minister of Education, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine made intention clear that he plans to establish a central counselling body and to have trained counselors in each school across the country.

The President, during his appearance on ‘The Public Interest’ explained that “the number of actual schools is large and we can’t afford to put counselors and it means that some teachers might be trained in counseling as well.”

According to President Granger, “There is no point having a counselor that sits in a room all day waiting on a problem to arise. It means that a teacher can have that responsibility.”

President David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
President David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
He clarified that these are areas that are being explored, alluding to the fact that some students come from “disturbed backgrounds.

“It is desirable to have teachers who are trained in counseling because there are some students who come from very disturbed backgrounds and it’s very difficult to control them; at the same time we’re trying to move away from corporal punishment so there must be some means of ensuring that the problems with which some students enter the classroom…are dealt with in a sympathetic manner by the teachers,” the President said.

Recently, Minister Roopnaraine related that the rampant violence in society is finding its way into the school system, pointing out that there is an urgent need for counselors within these schools to help create an environment of learning.

He stated that only through regular and professional counselling can the issue of violence in schools be adequately tackled.



  1. While churches and other religous body plays an important role in nurturing and grooming our children, schools also bears the responabilty to do the same.A councilor at every school is vital to help children in need not forgetting it’s their second home.why deny our children access to such an important service ?Every school in the U.S have a councilor.If we can afford two ministers for one post why cant we afford one addition school staff that earns a tiny income in comparison to them.

  2. When I went to school, we had an integrated science teacher named Sadie Amin, and she had weekly rap sessions with us that greatly helped to improved the way we dealt with adolescence and peer pressure. There’s one idea. Secondly with regard to children’s growing and learning minds, what you put in is what you will get out; most children in public schools travel with public transportation. The music played in the mini buses is mostly about violence and sex and drugs… Ergo if this is what they are listening to everyday, isn’t that what is being “programmed” into their brains?

  3. The right hand don’t know what the left hand is doing. Apart from Roopnarine, Nagamootoo has his own show and so is Ramjattan. Trotman, Granger and Greenidge (for the time being) seems to have the same hymn book. A coalition who pulled the hoax of “unity” on Guyanese during their campaign is very much disunited, each thinking who can fill their pockets first because they know the thing will not last for long. Roopnarine and his WPA allegedly hatched a plan to kill Burnham, Granger’s leader and idol. Granger and his PNC ‘diehards’ will not forget, so talking at cross purposes on “counseling” are symptoms of a strained relationship. It can no longer be hidden.


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