Govt cancels $9000 per month public assistance to 2-year-old


…after NGO assisted family

The public assistance which was given to a two-year-old child after her mother was murdered and her father was imprisoned last year, has been cancelled. The child has been living with her grandmother since March 31, 2019, after her father killed her mother.

However, according to the grandmother, Tajwatee Jhinkoon, called “Sharda”, she was surprised when she was informed by the Whim Office of the agency that the monthly assistance has been cancelled. She said she sought an explanation and was informed by the officer that a Non-Governmental Organisation is assisting the child and as such a decision was taken by the Ministry to stop the public assistance. The assistance that the child was receiving was $9000 a month.

The grandmother told Inews that Humanitarian Mission Guyana Inc informed her that it had established a go-fund-me in the United States.

“Mr Sugrim (Head of the Humanitarian Mission) told me that he set up the go-fund for Hailey (the child) and US$1440 was raised. And he brought the money two weeks ago and he took me to the bank and opened an account for Hailey because the money is for Hailey alone and she can’t get it until she reach 18.”

Tajwatee Jhinkoon, called “Sharda”, and her two-year-old
granddaughter, Hailey

Jhinkoon explained that prior to that she had applied to the Social Protection Ministry for a new book for the public assistance since the previous one expired on December 31, 2019.

“Everything went well… the girl fill out the form and told me that I will have to come back to collect the book but on Tuesday I get a call from the Ministry and the person told me that the book has been cancelled because Hailey getting money from an organisation,” the grandmother said.

She further stated that she explained to the Social Protection Ministry’s official that it was a one-time donation and she is not sure if she will get more assistance from the organisation. However, she said that the officer told her that she cannot further assist her.

Meanwhile, in an invited comment, Head of the Humanitarian Mission, Pandit Suresh Sugrim said the money was given by donors as an investment in the child’s future.

“I was made to understand that her public assistance was taken away because of the contributions made by donors. I will like to make an open declaration that this go-fund to assist Baby Hailey was a one-time setup. The organisation is not supporting Hailey on a week to week, month to month or year to year basis – it was a one-time investment.”

Sugrim is calling on the Government to investigate the matter thoroughly as he is willing to submit documents on behalf of the Mission to prove that the go-fund-me was a one-time setup.

“It is very sad to know that a child who has lost her mother, her father is in prison and through the benevolence of the Guyanese donors and the Humanitarian Mission we are trying to assist people like Hailey and many other families in that [situation] and the Government is doing something like this,” Sugrim added.


Meanwhile, Region Six Chairman David Armogan has expressed shock at the development and has promised to intervene.

On March 31, 2019, the child’s mother, Omwattie “Anjalie” Gill, of Lot 33 Williamsburg, East Berbice Corentyne, was allegedly stabbed to death on her way to work by her former lover. The 20-year-old mother had two weeks prior walked away from an abusive relationship.

However, on that day she was ambushed and attacked by her partner. She was reportedly first knocked down by the vehicle being driven by her husband, sending her flying several feet away. The man then exited the vehicle and allegedly began stabbing the woman until she was motionless.

Four days later, 31-year-old Gavin Gill was charged with the murder of his wife. The matter is currently engaging the attention of the court. (Andrew Carmichael)