Gov’t announces replacement for YEST programme in Amerindian Communities

President David Granger

By Jomo Paul

A section of the gathering at the conference.
A section of the gathering at the conference.

[] – The APNU+AFC administration has announced a replacement for the Youth Entrepreneurial Skills Training (YEST) programme that was implemented under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration but later rejected by the new government.

Under the YEST programme, close to 2,000 Amerindians were employed as Community Support Officers (CSO) and paid a monthly stipend of $30,000 upon submission of monthly reports validated by the Village Council and or Community Development Officer (CDO).

However, the programme was disbanded when the new government came into office and it is now the subject of a lawsuit against the government. Vice President and Minister of the Indigenous Peoples Affairs, Sydney Allicock on Tuesday August 18, made the announcement of the new programme while addressing the conference of the National Toshaos Council (NTC).

According to him, the YEST programme was a“failed initiative…the concept on paper was very impressive; the implementation however was another story.”

Allicock disclosed that the end date for the programme was set for April of 2015 and there are documents to substantiate the claim.

“The CSOs took control of the communities and that is backwardness…We are going to work with you; we are going to sit and be guided how best we can stretch the dollar instead of compressing it,” he stated.

Allicock urged the Toshaos to “share plans and programs that will yield positively impacting results that we can all be proud…we believes that you have the capabilities; we believe that you can work together to achieve…continue to be steadfast rejecting attempts to be intimidated and divided.”

President David Granger
President David Granger

Meanwhile, President David Granger in announcing the new initiative detailed that it must be successful for the good of Guyana’s Indigenous folk.

According to Mr Granger, the new administration is “sure that it will be success.” In addition to the new programme, Granger announced that the Waramadong Secondary School will be renamed to the Desrey Fox Secondary School.

The President also announced a ten point plan of action for Indigenous Communities which entail sweeping reforms. These reforms include changes to the delivery of education, Tourism boosting and infrastructural development.

“We intend to unshackle our people from dependency …we propose to work together for the improvement of the quality of life for all indigenous Guyanese…we desire to see development with dignity not with dependency,” said President Granger.


  1. Have anybody notice the new govt had no detail plans no numbers or policies or a detail plan is ever published or made public


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