Government has not considered Local Gov’t election for Georgetown-Dr. Luncheon


[] – Cabinet has not, in any of its statutory meetings discussed the possibility of having geographically restrictive Local Government election. 

This was stated by Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon at a post-Cabinet media briefing on Thursday.

The-Stabroek-Market-In-Georgetown-Guyana-651x439Dr. Luncheon was responding to a question as to whether Government would consider having local government election only for the city of Georgetown to end the on-going conflict at the Mayor and City Council.

Sections of the media reported that a top official from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has said that election for the city only is legal, and that the commission is set to discuss the matter, and will be shortly meeting with the representatives of the political parties in this regard.

Dr. Luncheon said that whilst he has read the statement, such decisions as it relates to the date and design of the local government election are within the province of the administration, though a decision on the geographic restrictive local government election has not attracted its attention.



  1. And blah blah blah… with only 3breathalyzers and 90% of the police pocketing bribes how will the enforcement of this bill be effected? If the stakes are higher the bribe will just be higher. The people who lose points will be those who didn’t have enough bribe. Parliament is terribly disconnected from reality… how about a tandem ‘Demerit Point System’ that runs for the police. Where those found to be corrupt and those fattening themselves and their pockets on the proceeds of vice & graft lose points, get chucked out of the force and even chucked into jail. I know some minibus drivers that would lose all their points in ONE trip. How many people does one have to mow down before a full disqualification? How many beers? How are the police checking for those beers? By smell? C’mon… a point system is nothing new in the world but careful attention must be paid to the delivery mechanism and those meant to enforce it must be put under intense scrutiny. Where is the police/government points system for torture, rape, abuse, pedophilia and their timeless offering of subhuman injustice. Given the reality of this place when I look at the picture attached to this article I’m not at all imagining a policeman of the future calculating that driver’s point reduction based on his/her ‘errant driving’… I imagine using those points as a multiplier for the bribe he was about to collect. 1 point $2,000, 2points $4,000, 3 points $6,000 and so on. On paper this idea looks great and in the places it’s used yeah, it can do wonders to have people scared to lose their licenses. In Guyana people are going to be scared of losing their wallets. My prediction is that sadly, the carnage on the roads will continue. As an aside, any study into how many policemen serving and retired actually own or drive taxis and mini buses would surprise the public. No society can truly be held accountable by their law enforcement apparatus once that very apparatus operates as if unaccountable to anyone but itself. The laws of entropy reign in Guyana and chaos will surely follow dear friends. For starters this article should be reworded to start “The National Embarrassment passed a Bill on Thursday May 15th amending…” I’ll end as I started… and blah blah blah…. schups.


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