Gouveia unavailable to serve 2nd term as PSC Chair


Captain Gerry Gouveia on Sunday announced that he will be unavailable to serve a second term in the position of Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) due to his recent substantial role as Advisor on National Security to His Excellency President Dr. Irfaan Ali.

The Private Sector Commission is scheduled to have its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on today and Executive members are usually elected at the first council meeting following the AGM.

The Private Sector Commission wishes to thank Capt. Gerry Gouveia for his astute leadership during his recently concluded tenure in office. His service to Guyana during this historical time was noteworthy and he will certainly be remembered as a Champion of Democracy in Guyana. The PSC wishes Capt. Gouveia success in his new role as Advisor to the President.

Capt. Gerry Gouveia

In a statement issued by Gouveia, he stated that it is public knowledge that he has been appointed as Advisor to His Excellency President Dr. Irfaan Ali on National Security.

“This is a role which requires a substantial amount of my attention and will not permit me the time required to continue serving you as Chairman of the PSC. In this regard, I announce to you that I will be unavailable for consideration to be elected for a second term as your Chairman subsequent to our AGM on August 31, 2020.”

He added “I was humbled to have been elected your leader and I was proud to serve you and advance your interest as members of the business community for the last 15 months. Our biggest challenge in the last year was to preserve the bedrock of our democracy by ensuring free and fair elections in Guyana and with your support we were successful.”

As such, he would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the executives, members and friends of the Private Sector Commission for their ardent support during his tenure as Chairman.

Finally, he takes the opportunity to also extend his support to the next chairman and executives as they take up the mantle of expanding the interest of the Private Sector in the new dispensation.


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Captain Gerry Gouveia