Goldsmith lands in Court for knowingly purchasing stolen gold chain


A goldsmith was strongly reprimanded by Magistrate Annette Singh at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts today (Tuesday) after he allegedly knowingly purchased a stolen gold chain.

Deonarine Nagoo of Alexander Village, Georgetown denied that on April 5 at First Street, Alexander Village, he knowingly purchased a chain, property of Komella Gibson, which was feloniously obtained.

According to the Police Prosecutor’s facts, the defendant accepted the chain valued $100,000 for a mere $38,000.

However, Nagoo told the Court that he was unaware that the item was stolen and indicated that he was ready and willing to return same to the Virtual Complainant (VC).

The gold chain was shown to Gibson which she identified to be her’s and it was then handed over to her.

Magistrate Singh reprimanded Nagoo explaining to him that he must have known that the chain was stolen, being a gold smith.

She told him that he was just as guilty as the person who stole the chain and “encourage these bad people to continue to do what they are doing”.

The VC however, after receiving her chain, moved to have the matter dismissed. After given a sworn statement, Nagoo was told that he was free to go.





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