Golden Jaguars clash with Reggae Boyz tonight at Leonora


The Golden Jaguars of Guyana will tonight be looking to utter the predator’s roar against the fleet-footed Reggae Boys of Jamaica when these two teams clash tonight at the National Track and Field Centre at Leonora, WCD in Guyana’s second game of the CONCACAF Nations League tournament.

The Reggae Boys are an all-too-familiar opponent for the Golden Jaguars. There are those who would remember that the Golden Jaguars — and by extension Guyanese football fans — had experienced the worst kind of heartbreak imaginable when the Reggae Boys had, in 2016, come from behind to prevail over the Jags at the same venue. The Jaguars were leading the Reggae Boys 2-0 at the half, owing to a brilliant double from Adrian Butters; but the Reggae Boys had managed to pull off the unimaginable by scoring 4 goals in the second half for a win.

Those painful memories still haunt the recesses of the collective Jaguars’ mind, and this current squad is determined to exact revenge on the Reggae Boys tonight.

The first whistle of this CONCACAF Nations League match is expected to sound off at 19hrs, and Captain of the Golden Jaguars, Samuel Cox, has noted that the team is now in a better position to defeat the mighty Jamaicans.

Despite the history between these two teams, Cox is confident that, on any given day, the local team can come up against any opposition and win.

“We know we’re coming up against a really strong side in Jamaica. We’ve brought along some really great players, who have a wealth of talent. On our given day, we know we can beat anybody,” Cox has asserted.

The Golden Jags vs Reggae Boys encounter will kick off promptly at 19:00hrs at the National Track and Field Centre at Leonora. Tickets for the event are priced at $2000, and can be uplifted at the venue.