‘Godbrother’ who confessed to British teen’s murder likely for court today

Staymon George and Aaron Hing were both charged for the murder of British teenager, Dominic Bernard

Aaron Hing, who last week reportedly confessed to the brutal murder of his godbrother, British teenager Dominic Bernard, is likely to make his court appearance later today or early tomorrow, along with his two accomplices in the shocking crime.

INews understands that, as the expiration of the additional 72-hour detention period for the godbrother of the slain British teenager and his accomplice closes in, the Police will today approach the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice on the way forward.

Staymon George and Aaron Hing have since confessed to killing the British teenager
Staymon George and Aaron Hing have since confessed to killing the British teenager

It is understood that Police could keep Hing in custody until late this evening and his accomplice, Staymon George can remain in custody until Friday morning.

INews understands that once the DPP’s recommendations were solicited during the course of today, the accused would make their first appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

The latest development in the case was the discovery of the teen’s camera and its components. These were dug up after a third suspect, Jameel Sinclair, took law enforcement to an area behind Nurney Village and pointed out where he hid the device.

Jameel Sinclair, of Kildonan village in Berbice, who is a close friend of the teen’s god-brother, Aaron Hing, a few days ago led a team of investigators down a lonely road in the village of Nurney and pointed out where he hid the personal belongings of the murdered young man. The investigators reportedly found a camera and some of its components.

Sinclair reportedly told investigators that on the day of the brutal murder he was instructed by Aaron Hing to bury the British teen’s belongings. After continuous interrogation, he succumbed to pressure and relate that he was promised cash if he hid the clothes and other items.

However, while the motive for the brutal murder remains a mystery, INews understands that the police are looking at the theory of a possible act of revenge or robbery.

The decomposed body of the British teen, who came to Guyana on October 14, 2015, was found in a shallow grave last Friday at the back of Allness Village in Berrbice.

The decomposed body was decked in a blue long-sleeve hoody and long blue jeans and a white v-neck on the inside – the identical clothes the teen was wearing when he left the UK in October last year.





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