“God don’t sleep” – family of murdered Albouystown teen urges 3rd suspect to surrender

Jumal Parks
Jumal Parks

Some six months ago, 16-year-old Jumal Parks of Non Pariel Street, Albouystown Georgetown was brutally murdered by several young men.

While two of the suspects have been arrested, a third perpetrator remains at large and family members are pleading with authorities to spare no efforts in capturing him and holding him accountable for his crime.

Parks was murdered on October 13, 2020 at Front Road, West Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

Police had said the murder was committed by three teenagers, ages 17, 18 and 19.

To date, two of them have been arrested and remanded while the third suspect remains free.

The murdered youth’s sister, Aneisa Parks that justice cannot be served unless all of the perpetrators face the consequences for their actions.

“We’re in April and the third suspect ain’t get caught as yet. He’s on Facebook putting up ‘tek life’ like if it is a joke…. The police say they going and they ain’t seeing he. I don’t know what you got to do to get justice in this country,” she lamented.

She further urged the suspect to take responsibility for his actions by surrendering himself.

“God don’t sleep… that is a lifetime burden you have to carry. Its best you turn yourself in and beg God to have a better life so the stain wouldn’t be upon you,” she expressed.

“I’m really saddened by this. Up to now I can’t find that place in my heart to forget about Jumal,” she explained.

Aneisa made it clear that her family will not rest until justice is served. Justice, she noted, would be having all three of the perpetrators dealt with before the court.

“He didn’t fulfill his potential; he had a lot of potential in him. He’s already gone, but I need to see at least justice and we need to be at peace within our mind and within our hearts.”

According to police, on the day in question Jumal was at his place of employment – Wanita’s Wash Bay located at Front Road, West Ruimveldt, when he was approached by the three suspects.

Parks and the three teens had a disagreement a few days before his murder.

Police had stated that one of the suspects, who was armed with a piece of wood, visited the car wash and reportedly called out to the now dead teen. The teen however, did not pay heed since he was working but the suspect advanced towards him, thus resulting in him running into a nearby yard where he was stabbed to the left side chest and his right upper arm.

According to reports, the act was committed by a 19-year-old labourer of Hunter Street, La Penitence, an 18-year-old unemployed male of West Ruimveldt along with a 17-year-old unemployed male of East La Penitence, Georgetown.