GOA studying Guyanese pre-elite athletes

Nicholas Fraser

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) has collaborated with Griffith University of Australia to conduct a study on Guyanese pre-elite athletes.

Nicholas Fraser
Nicholas Fraser

The study is being conducted as part  of requirements for Nicholas Fraser of the Head-Physical Education in the Unit of Allied Arts (Ministry of Education) who is currently pursuing a Master of Business with Honours Degree (Sport Management).

In addition, the study is expected to analyse the relationship between specific facial features and brand match-up as the GOA has assisted Fraser in acquiring 68 photographs of pre-elite athletes after which two male and two female athletes were randomly selected.

According to a press release by the GOA, the use of pre-elite athletes in marketing strategies is not as popular as the use of elite athletes in the current marketing activities of business entities although it is well documented that pre-elite athletes require more resources.

Further, the current strategies targeting elite athletes have proven to be high risk since success is linked to fluctuating athletic performances. This study will provide marketers with another tool which could reduce the risks associated with relying solely on

The study will be made public as well as the final report available to the GOA at the end of the research programme.

The Australia-based research team is comprised of Dr Brad Hill (Lecturer of Sports Marketing at Griffith University) and Nicholas Fraser (Master of Business Administration honour student specialising in Sport Management) who are being supported locally by Dr Karen Pilgrim and Shanomae Blackmore of the GOA.


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