‘GO AHEAD’ – Region 3 REO fires back at Chairman’s threat to sue

Chairman Julius Faerber and REO Dennis Jaikarran

The controversy in Region Three continues as Regional Executive Officer (REO) Dennis Jaikarran disclosed that he has had consultations with his lawyers and is ready to deal with any legal proceedings that may come his way.

Chairman Julius Faerber and REO Dennis  Jaikarran
Chairman Julius Faerber and REO Dennis Jaikarran

This is in response to the Regional Chairman Julius Faerber’s threat to sue as he claims the REO continues to carry out duties of the Region on his own, adding that he, Faerber, is not being informed of any matter\works and is not being involved in any decision-making, etc.
“I’ve consulted with two of my senior counsels and I can say that they are awaiting Faerber’s call to go to the court” Jaikarran disclosed.
In response to this disclosure by the REO, Faerber explained that Jaikarran is the clerk of the council and he does not carry out the mandate of the council; as such he has no other alternative but to take legal action.
“He is not carrying out his duties as the clerk of the council, I have no other option but to take this legal action” Faerber explained.
This entire disagreement spiralled from October of 2015 when Jaikarran slashed Faerber’s fuel allowance in half.
When contacted on numerous occasions regarding matters in the region, Faeber continued to say he is unable to comment as he has no information since he is not being informed, and also because he is unable to attend to the needs of the region, as he does not have enough fuel for his vehicle.
“There is no information for me to give as I myself am not being informed of any matters whatsoever pertaining to the region as I continue to face mistreatment from the REO,” Faerber had earlier this month disclosed.
A report in today’s Guyana Times pointed out that Faerber wrote Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan on the various mis-treatments he has experienced at the hands of the appointed Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikarran.
According to Faerber, the treatment he has been facing is “unprofessional.”
Further, he recalled that in 2008, there was an incident that may have sparked Jaikarran’s hostile behaviour towards him.



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