GNBA head resigns before being officially dismissed


Chairman of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) Leonard Craig on Friday resigned from his position moments before he was handed an official dismissal letter by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

Former Head of the GNBA Leonard Craig
Former Head of the GNBA Leonard Craig

Reports are that the Prime Minister was given the go ahead by Cabinet to act upon findings of the Inquiry into the allegations made against some members of the GNBA. The Inquiry, headed by Major General (Rtd) Joseph Singh, suggested Craig, an Alliance for Change (AFC) member be relieved of his position as Chairman.

According to a press statement, the Prime Minister was in the process of notifying Craig of Cabinet’s decision, when he received an email dated 16 December, where Craig tendered his resignation with immediate effect.

Having received the report, the Prime Minister had laid copies in Cabinet for its consideration. He also served copies on the Chairman and members of the GNBA board, and circulated it to the media.

In the absence of the Chairman and one member, the Prime Minister later met with other members of the board, who expressed their lack of confidence in the Chairman.

Based on the findings of the Singh inquiry, the Prime Minister communicated to board members that Insanally and Vieira were impugned by public statements attributed to GNBA Chairman. He had stated that based on the inquiry’s finding neither of the two members was found to be “dishonest or corrupt.”

According to the release, the Prime Minister also feels that Craig is an invaluable intellectual asset who had accepted nomination to the GNBA with enthusiasm and commitment, but has unfortunately mishandled inter-personal relations with other colleagues.

Back in September, Craig, Vieira and Insanally were involved in a squabble which led to Vieira and Insanally threatening the former Chairman through their lawyers for allegedly disseminating information they said were untrue.

The allegations made public by Craig was that the men had approached an Essequibo businessman in an attempt to ostensibly force him out of business.

Craig was being accused of intentionally and maliciously circulating in the media, an unwarranted allegation which imputes that they were guilty of corruption in public office.

The duo—through their lawyers—had also claimed that the allegations by the Craig was in fact made public without either of them being given a chance at a fair hearing with an opportunity to respond to the claims made.

In October, Craig had signalled his intentions of stepping down from GNBA. (Guyana Times)



  1. REALLY? Look I understand if the person or persons of the GNBA aired “untruths” about anyone, should be admonished, fired, sued or whatever else is feasible. However, in all appearances, the present Administration is using every waking hour to do everything else, except focusing on REAL ISSUES concerning the citizens they CONNED into voting for you. It’s nauseating to think that the only difference between you and the PPP is the name of the party. SAME S&%T DIFFERENT YEAR!

  2. Time to cut and run he full his pocket with enough of the ppl money thats all they know to do tek what they never work for -another piece of toilet tissue.


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