GMAA 5KM run set for Sunday



Track[] – The Guyana Masters Athletics Association (GMAA) will be hosting a 5km run this Sunday at the National Park Track, Thomas Lands.

Athletes from the GMAA, Ian Archibald, Phillip Beckles, Maurice Fagundes, Llewellyn Gardener, Carlene Phillips, Alesha and Cameal Martins will be competing with top athletes from Police Progressive Youth Club (PPYC), Mercury Fast Laners (MFL), Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and Running Braves athletic club (RBAC).

George Barry who is the Secretary of the Association said that the Association was founded in 1976 but was not functioning for years because of the decrease in membership.

He hopes that it will come back to its feet and is confident that the race will be a successful one.

Prizes will be given to winners of each category.



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