Global march in support of Science


March for Science: Protesters gather worldwide to support ‘evidence’

(CNN) Crowds massed in the US capital and around the world Saturday to support science and evidence-based research — a protest partly fueled by opposition to President Donald Trump’s threats of budget cuts to agencies funding scientists’ work.

Thousands of protestors fill Tom McCall Waterfront Park during the March for Science in Portland, Oregon on Saturday. Protests were also held in other cities around the world
At the main ‘March for Science’, demonstrators gathered at Washington’s National Mall to hear speakers laud science as the force moving humanity forward, and rail against policymakers they say are ignoring fact and research in areas including climate change.

“Today we have a great many lawmakers — not just here but around the world — deliberately ignoring and actively suppressing science,” one of the event’s speakers, TV host and scientist Bill Nye, told a rain-soaked crowd from a stage.
People show support of scientific research in Berlin, Germany, where residents march behind a sign that reads, ‘There are no alternatives to facts’
“Their inclination is misguided and in no one’s best interest. Our lives are in every way improved by having clean water, reliable electricity and access to electronic global information.”
Besides the Washington march, organizers said more than 600 “satellite” marches were taking place globally in a protest timed to coincide with Earth Day.


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