Glass toilets with a view open in China


(BBC) China’s recent obsession with glass tourist attractions has gone round the U-bend with the opening of some see-through treetop public toilets.

The loos, near Shiyan Lake in southern Hunan province, have fabulous views of both the forest below and other people using the facilities.

Man sits on toilet, behind lightly frosted glass door, looking out at the forest outside. Changsha, China, 29 September 2016.

Surrounded by forest the experience is ‘au naturel’ in more ways than one

Cubicle walls, even those between the men’s and women’s sections, are only separated by lightly frosted glass.

But state media said few visitors dared use the loos on their opening day.

A squat toilet cubicle surrounded by lightly frosted glass, with a man on the other side of one glass wall and a woman on the other side of another glass wall. Changsha, China, 29 September 2016.

Awkward: cubicle walls are only lightly-frosted, even between the men’s and women’s sections (Barcroft)

Despite a boom in the construction of glass bridges and walkways in scenic locations in China in recent years – in some cases so popular they had to be closed – these are thought to be the first entirely glass public bathrooms in the country.

However, it not the first time those busting to go have been exposed a little more than they might like by the enthusiasm for glass.

News of the wide-view WCs at Shiyan Lake sparked a range of reactions online.

Responding to a Facebook post about it by state television channel CCTV, Ejike Nnadi summed up the feelings of many: “Hell no.”

Others were more taken by the idea. “You’ll be surprised by what you can tolerate when you really, really need to go,” said one post.

Another nodded towards another modern use for restrooms: “I’d be in there ’til my battery hit zero if there was signal in there!”

Tina Chen took a dimmer view of all such projects though. “(It) is not about being shy, just again someone had extra money to waste.”

People take photos on the glass walkway on Tianmen Mountain (1 Aug 2016)

Unusual glass structures have provided popular photo ops for tourists across China

Awkward or not, it is hoped that these bathrooms for the brave will encourage tourists to visit the countryside around Changsha city and admire the spectacular autumn colours of its forests.


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