Girl, 18, admits to faking her kidnapping


See full statement from the Guyana Police Force:

Update On Alleged Abduction Of 18-Year-Old Female

Following a report about an alleged abduction committed on an 18-year-old female which occurred on 2022-03-21 about 13:00hrs at Jimbo Bridge, Grove, East Bank Demerara by persons unknown, investigators at the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters, Eve Leary today interviewed the alleged victim.

Investigators learnt that on 2022-03-21, she had contacted a friend seeking a place to stay for a few days “to cool her head…”. The friend agreed and met her on Main Street in Georgetown to give her the keys to her apartment where she proceeded to.

The 18-year-old stated that she used her fingernails and inflicted injuries on her stomach, legs, arms, and back while on the following day, she used a scissors to cut off her hair and inflicted further injuries on herself while also using a metal comb to self-inflict burns about her body.

On 2022-03-22 about 16:45hrs she left her friend’s house, joined a taxi that was provided to her by her friend and proceeded to the Kitty seawall and while there she decided to tell her parents that she was kidnapped.

She further stated that while on the seawall she saw a sister from the church who called her parents and took her over to Brickdam Police Station where she gave the false kidnapping report.

The investigation is ongoing and due to the sensitivity of much of the details put forward, the GPF is appealing to the media to refrain from sensationalism in reporting on this matter.

This is the third such report that investigators have been investigating in three days and in the meantime, persons are encouraged to reach out to the relevant agencies including the 911 hotline should you be aware that someone is concocting such a dangerous plan, instead of aiding and abetting same.