GGDMA members differ on support for TIP Hero

GGDMA President, Patrick Harding
GGDMA President, Patrick Harding

While the President of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners’ Association (GGDMA), Patrick Harding is in full support of President of the Guyana Women Miners’ Organization (GWMO) Simona Broomes, other GGDMA members are not so inclined to quickly express support.

Harding was quoted today in one of the local newspapers stating that the GGDMA believes that Broomes is innocent and that they fully support her. However, iNews understands that not all of the members are in agreement with Harding.

When contacted by iNews today, the GGDMA President said that he speaks on behalf of the Association, given the fact that he is the President.

“Some will agree and some will disagree, as president I am spokesperson for the Association and those who disagree can speak for themselves,” Harding said.

Simona Broomes
Simona Broomes

Meanwhile, the GGDMA President made it clear that he never told the newspaper that Broomes is innocent.

“I never said she is innocent…I said we support her in her efforts, we believe her story and the police has to do its work,” Harding explained.

Ms. Broomes was arrested following an accusation that she assaulted a woman, who has since been remanded for human trafficking. At the time of the allegation, the GWMO President was rescuing four young women from the sex trade.

In June of this year, Ms. Broomes was honoured by the United States as TIP 2013 hero.





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