GFC staff targeted, laptop with forestry records stolen



crime-scene[] – A car belonging to Company Secretary of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC), Jacy Archibald was reportedly broken into this evening [Thursday, August 21] and his laptop, containing files belonging to the GFC was stolen.

iNews understands that the incident occurred in the vicinity of Thomas Lands, Georgetown.

A police source revealed that about 17: 30 hrs, it was discovered that the car was broken into, window reportedly smashed and the only item stolen was a laptop.

iNews was reliably informed that there were other items in the car but these were not removed by the perpetrator (s). The laptop belonging to the Guyana Forestry Commission contained vital and important information, given Mr. Archibald’s responsibilities.

Meanwhile, iNews was also informed that a number of staff have been targeted and even threatened in recent days as the Commission has been very aggressive in debunking misinformation and misrepresentation of the forestry sector.



  1. Political dirt digging at work.
    Next time for security reasons, they need to hire the PNC Congress place shooter.

  2. Typical PPP arrangement to make it look like someone stole the laptop, just like someone broke into Jagdeo Foundation and stole computers.

    Notice a similarity where the ‘thieves’ only took ‘computers’? Now the PPP has added the equivalent of Molotov cocktails being hurled by saying GFC staff are being threatened! The PPP is feeling threatened by people’s revulsion of its hatred of Guyanese and favoring of Chinese.

    Why is it harder for the PPP to change?


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