‘Get ready to seize opportunities’ – locals urged to take advantage of major investments in Reg. 10

Dr Peter Ramsaroop

Lamenting that Region Ten has been severely neglected during the five years of APNU+AFC administration, Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest) Dr Peter Ramsaroop is urging residents of the Upper Demerara-Berbice district to take advantage of the major investments that are coming their way.

According to the CEO, now is not the time to sit back and complain but rather, to scope out opportunities and work towards achieving greater economic prosperity.

Appearing on a recent programme aired on State media, the Go-Invest Boss made reference to the road from Linden to Lethem and spoke of the opportunities that will become available for locals to take advantage of.

The $38 billion Linden to Mabura Hill Road is still in the procurement stage, engaging the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

“Imagine thousands of 18-wheeler trucks coming through…mindboggling what will take place in Region Ten,” he expressed.

“And you gotto get ready. You can’t say ‘everybody else is benefitting, what is happening to me?’,” he contended. “If you’re in contracting, if you’re in construction, you need to be figuring out [where you can fit].”

He also made mention of the $45M soya bean and corn pilot projects in Ebini, Upper Berbice River. Elaborating on this project, the Go-Invest Head pointed out that it was several competitors – including Bounty Farm, Royal Chicken, Guyana Stockfeeds and Edun’s Farms – that came together to embark upon this multimillion-dollar investment. This, he said, is a lesson that the smaller businessfolks need to learn.

“No one of us is big enough to do five bridges or to do three bridges but if you come together, four contractors, and put a bid in and see if you can win one lot, that’s what you have to do…as bigger companies coming in, you gotto be ready to deliver,” Dr Ramsaroop posited.

Moreover, he noted that the soya bean and corn farms will create opportunities that the smaller man can take advantage of. “That’s an area that we see will grow over time. What does that mean…as we do the stock feed, you can then get into the livestock industry…so there’s a lot of opportunities as region ten residents look across at what government is doing, you have to figure out where you fit…you gotto figure out what can I do to take piece of that,” he explained.

The Go-Invest Boss said he plans to meet with the regional officials and private sector to discuss ways in which they can help residents capitalise on these investments.

Dr Ramsaroop further noted that these investments in Region Ten are already happening, with the reopening of a call centre (that was shut down under APNU+AFC) that has employed 150 persons. He noted that by July this year, the call centre plans to employ an additional 100 workers.

The Go-Invest CEO also highlighted the benefits of the recently passed Local Content Legislation, which he noted will “protect local businesses in many areas and create opportunities for partnership with foreign companies”.