Georgia town finds twin in Georgetown

Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase Green receiving the key from Mayor of Stone Crest Georgia, Jason Larry
Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green receiving the key from Mayor of Stone Crest Georgia, Jason Larry

The Georgetown Mayor and Councillors hosted a reception in honour of the visiting Mayor of Stonecrest, Georgia, Jason Larry as part of an initiative to twin the two cities.

According to a DPI release, the official key to the city was handed over by Mayor Patricia Chase-Green to the Mayor of the city in DeKalb County, Georgia, USA.  Mayor Larry told the Councillors that “Every community has six things in common and that is where you live, work, play, worship, shop and educate.”

He also mentioned that the three keys to making this connection significant are to exchange political, economic and cultural ideas. He advised the Georgetown Mayor and Councillors to honour the interests of the citizens which he outlined as job growth, ownership growth, company growth and infrastructure growth.

Additionally, Mayor Chase-Green thanked the Stonecrest Mayor and his team for taking the time to visit Georgetown for the twinning of the two cities which she noted will see future exchanges that will boost the development of the two towns.

Georgetown is celebrating its 175th Anniversary under the theme “Gratitude and Celebration”.



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