Georgetown residents can remove the ‘failed’ City Council – PPP


By Kurt Campbell

Norman Whittaker.
Norman Whittaker.

[] – Georgetown residents have been placed on notice by the ruling Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Government that they are the ones responsible for a new City Council.

According to Central Committee Member and Junior Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker, the power to remove what has been described as a ‘failed’ City Council and have an Interim Management Committee (IMC) installed rests in the hands of Georgetown residents.

He said a petition must be sent to the Ministry by residents and members of the private sector before an investigation can be launched, resulting in the Council’s removal.

Whittaker’s comments come on the heels of a flood which inundated Georgetown and its coastal environs just last week after mere hours of rainfall.

According to Whittaker, this is a consequence of the City Council’s neglect. “Untimely servicing of pumps and kokers, untimely cleaning of drains and untimely collection of garbage no honest and fair minded Guyanese would deny was responsible” he added.

The Local Government Minister told reporters that the PNC led grouping shamelessly refuses to accept the responsibility for the care of the city, adding that between 2007 – 2013 Central Government bailed out the Council on several occasions all of which totals in excess of $300 Billion.

“They must accept their responsibility…. the PPP and Georgetown residents must no longer fetch the burden of their incompetence, enough is enough” Whittaker added.

Meanwhile, PPP’s General Secretary and Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee question the PNC/APNU ability to run government.

He said if they cannot run the City Council effectively and prepare a budget in a timely manner then how can they be expected to do the same in government.

He believes the Council and members of the PNC/APNU have sought to engage in a blame game, blaming the Government for the state of the city.

“Blame game is good; everybody must have their say because people will be educated in the process.”

The Government has expressed the view that the City Council has failed the citizens of Georgetown. However, City Mayor Hamilton Greene says he continues to meet strong opposition in managing the affairs of the city.

Greene in the past had said that the lack of resources both financial and technical have been hampering operations.

Only last week, following the flooding of the city which forced the closure of all schools and several businesses, Government’s Spokesman Dr. Roger Luncheon called for the implementation of the Parliamentary Resolution to restore the city of Georgetown.

Others have expressed the view that the holding of Local Government Elections which were last held in 1994 is the answer to the city’s garbage and flooding woes.



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