Georgetown Mayor wants urgent reevaluation of city properties

Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine
Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine

Noting that the last property evaluation was done some 25 years ago, Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine today stressed the need for a reevaluation of municipal properties with the aim of updating the rates and taxes being paid to the City Council.

“It is something that all businesses within the city needs to do a property reevaluation. The last list [was] done since 1996. And you have all these four stories and three stories building going up,” the Mayor contended during a press  conference.

He contended that this move is not touted with the intention of stymieing businesses, but rather to ensure that the correct taxes are paid.

“It is not about attacking businesses and people out there. But people have a duty and an obligation to do and they should do it so that we can be able to have the benefit and proper service from the City Council.”

Since 2018, the local organ had announced plans to target a holistic reevaluation within the city, after it was found that number of residential properties were converted for commercial use, but those owners are still paying residential rates.

Meanwhile, the Mayor also noted that a decision was taken to continue its waiver of interest for residential and commercial taxes through 2021 until further notice, having recognized the continued economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Narine said this measure will provide relief to homeowners and businesses within the municipality. From June 2020, the Council opted not to charge interest on the General rates and taxes for 2020 only. Interest for the previous years remained unchanged.

“COVID-19 is still here and we’re trying our very best to help the private sector and residents as well so that they can come forward to pay the right taxes and we’re trying to work with them. All of the interest in 2019 and way back, they will still have to pay that but we waiver 2020 and 2021,” he said.