Georgetown Mayor wants to amend bylaws to increase city revenue collection

Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine

See full Press Release from the Georgetown Mayor and City Council 

Georgetown, Guyana – (June 15, 2021): In a recent interview, the His Worship Mayor Ubraj Narine advocated for changes to the bylaws to increase revenue collection. He said this as he drew attention to the recent construction of high-rise buildings in the city, which continue to pay nominal sums for taxes whilst attracting added strain on solid waste collection.

The Mayor indicated that the Municipality receives about 25 percent of the taxes required to administer the city, which is untenable. “We need every resident, business establishment and state agency to continue to make efforts to settle arrears with M&CC – this will ensure we are well equipped to effectively execute the work of the council,” he stated.

“There are still significant sums outstanding by some state agencies, notwithstanding the efforts by others to settle their debts”, Mayor Ubraj Stated. He added. “I’d like to applaud the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Parliament of Guyana and the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for making their payments current.”

The Mayor encouraged the Government and Legislators in the National Assembly to work together to consider giving attention to this issue.

The City of Georgetown is going through significant changes as the oil, gas economy develops, and the Municipal Government will continue to play its role to aid development and safeguard the welfare of its citizens.