Georgetown International Academy fosters unity among students

Students display their various religious clothing,
President of the PTA, Kamini Persaud addressing the gathering.
President of the PTA, Kamini Persaud addressing the gathering.

[] – The Georgetown International Academy popularly known as the American School yesterday (November, 12) held a cultural programme that celebrated Eid and Diwali with students, teachers and parents of the school.

The students were treated to a packed programme of singing, dancing, cuisine and presentations were also made about the Hindi and Muslim religions.

The school’s Director, Dr. Kelly Mekdeci said the message that from Diwali and Eid is extremely powerful and teaches of unconditional love and kindness, something that is extremely needed in the world.

She also expressed satisfaction at the fact that Guyanese people are tolerant and diverse and can celebrate the different religious and cultural events in harmony.

Students display their various religious clothing,
Students display their various religious clothing,

“So I think that when we combine the ideas behind both of these festivals, we can think about what we have to share in terms of our inner light, when we come together when we share with our families and we share with our neighbors, our friends and with strangers, our knowledge, our love and just the fact that we want to care and want to bring people closer together.”

She noted that this practice of unity and tolerance by Guyanese should be replicated elsewhere.

“I don’t know if this kind of thing is happening anywhere else in the world, it’s a pretty unique and special thing that this community has brought together.”

She expressed gratitude to the parents for participating with their children in this event.

“We want to teach our children how to show love, we want to teach our children how to show love how to have an understanding of people from the various parts of the world.”

Programme 2Meanwhile, President of the Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA), Kamini Persaud explained that the common message that the celebration teaches is one of respect, love and tolerance.Programme 1

“This observance would allow students and parents, Guyanese and non-Guyanese to sample the cuisine and learn more about these important observances…I am sure some of it is a rare exposure of a joint celebration of a Hindu and Muslim together in the same venue and at the same time our world certainly needs more acts of unity like this one to achieve peace and spread more love, it will also go a far way in allowing our children to better understand that we live in a world of differences but we all must show respect and tolerance for these differences,” Mrs Persaud said.

The students also made presentations about the significance of both religious celebrations and showcased the various cultural clothing from both sides.




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