Georgetown begins to flood as heavy rainfall continues


The current state of Sixth Street Alberttown. [Citizen Reporter's Photo]
The current state of Sixth Street Alberttown. [Citizen Reporter’s Photo]
[]As the heavy downpour of rain continues in some sections of the country, parts of Georgetown is already flooded. The HydroMet office has advised that cloudy to overcast conditions are currently been observed throughout most of Guyana.

Regions 2 and 3 are currently experiencing moderate to heavy showers and intermittent rain over some areas. Inland areas are currently experiencing cloudy to occasionally overcast skies as well with scattered moderate showers.

“Water accumulation/Flooding has been reported in some areas of Region 2, 3 and 4.  Radar data shows, widespread rainfall along coastal regions and some inland location. Regions 2 to 6 and 10 are experiencing varying rainfall intensities from light to heavy. Other areas, isolated light to moderate showers,” the HydroMet office stated.

It was noted that these conditions are expected to continue for the next four hours.  Regions 2, 3, 4 and 5 will continue to experience heavy downpours, but mostly light to moderate showers and intermittent rain are expected. The inland areas will continue to see overcast skies with occasional light to moderate showers and southern half of Guyana are expected to be mostly cloudy conditions with passing showers. Highest rainfall amount are expected over Regions 2 to 6.




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