GECOM to provide final results today

APNU+AFC members and supporters have already began to celebrate

By Jomo Paul

APNU+AFC members and supporters have already began to celebrate
APNU+AFC members and supporters have already began to celebrate

[] – The Guyana Elections Commission is set to produce the final preliminary results of the 2015 General and Regional Elections at 10:00hrs today (May 14), three days after Guyanese voted. 

While both of the major political Parties have claimed “commanding” leads, the latest preliminary results from the Elections body shows nothing of the sort.

Last evening at 21:00hrs GECOM released another set of preliminary results from the General and Regional Elections held on May 11 which showed the incumbent People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) lagging behind its main challenger APNU+AFC by 43 votes. It should be noted that these results are only from 1809 polling stations of the 2,299.

According to the raw data released by the elections commission, APNU+AFC has managed to acquire 157, 347 votes while the PPP/C has won 157,304. However in the Regional polls, the PPP/C is leading the APNU+AFC but again, only by a small margin.

There are still a number of SOPs that has to be counted in the APNU+AFC’s stronghold – Region 4. Out of 891 polling stations in Region 4, only 615 have been processed by GECOM thus far.

The APNU+AFC received 77,296 votes in that region thus far, while the PPP has only 46,117.

GECOM’s CEO Keith Lowenfield said that the remaining 490 polling stations would be processed by this morning but a victor will not be declared.



  1. You have been fed so much diatribe,that you have swallowed all of it,and your name signifies what you are.I believe,Guyana has won,and this will be a better place in which to live.Just give this new government a chance,you will see the contrast.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  2. I believe,this coalition win has ruffled the feathers of the incumbent,though the margin may not be a large one.The reigns of power will definitely be changed,when this new government takes office.All eyes will be on this combination to see if their promises will be kept and good governance will take the place of a dictatorship we had to endure.IT IS DEFINITELY TIME FOR CHANGE.

  3. Agree with you that we must move on as one people one destiny. That is only wishful thinking as PPP/C supporters will now feel the heat of APNU’S hatred. Indians in particular will
    be treated worse than second class citizens and Moses can do nothing about it. Political and racial discrimination will be the order of the day.
    The leadership of APNU +AFC failed to condemn the violence perpetrated against known PPP supporters, went there and witnessed for themselves the looting and arson that took place. That’s the change and unity they promised.
    Listen to the racist chant on Face book: Coolie want to thief the ballot box. No more dhall and rice. I fear the worse is yet to come

  4. This is the 21st century, why are they still using 19th century voting methods? the longer they take, the easier they are making it for the PPP/C’s “most wanted by the US Federal Government” to get away. GECOM needs revisiting after this, and serious upgrading to the voting and processing MUST be done before another election is held in Guyana.

  5. The people have spoken. Thank you all for a well done job. yours prayers have been answered. lets go on from now as a United Guyana. Down with racialism. One People, One Nation.


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