GECOM should explain why Supplementary Voters Lists have not been posted – PPP


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in a media statement issued today said it is deeply concerned that fourteen (14) days after the Claims and Objections period has ended, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has not posted the Supplementary Voters’ Lists nor have they been available to the political parties whose symbols have been accepted by GECOM.

The PPP said it is therefore calling on GECOM to state publicly why these lists have not yet been made available.

“The PPP is further concerned that GECOM has not provided the political parties nor has it publicly notified the number and locations of the polling stations for each of the Local Authority Areas. This information should have been made available since December 1, 2015”, the statement added.

voteThe PPP added that GECOM has not made known any information nor issued and published the necessary order with respect to Nomination Day. And although the date of January 26, 2016 is well known, there is conflicting information with respect to the places and times for the submission of nominations by the political parties.

“Moreover, GECOM has thus far refused to publish the names of the clerks and clerical assistants that have been appointed to each of the offices of the Returning Officers, notwithstanding the fact that the names of the Returning Officers have been published”, the statement noted.

Further, the PPP said the party finds it interesting that to date, GECOM is yet to recruit competent and qualified staff to fill certain vacancies to fulfill certain functions on election’s day.

“In light of all these deficiencies and inadequacies the PPP urges GECOM to act expeditiously on these matters to avoid the Local Government Elections being jeopardized as a result of GECOM becoming its own worst enemy”, the party noted.

GECOM at a press conference earlier this week has given the public all assurances that the elections body will be ready to run off the LGE on the March 18.



  1. GECOM should explain why Supplementary Voters Lists have not been posted – PPP
    Does PPP still think they are relevant ?
    PPP asked for recount and gecom laff at them.

  2. Right now it is easier for them to rig the Local Government Election. They would do anything to bring Guyana to it’s knees and to a bankrupt stage.

  3. Why should the PPPC still have faith in Gecom to hold free, fair and free from fear elections? Surujbully is still the head/ chairman of that diecredited body. Arrangements are already in place for massive rigging. The PNC can win in certain regions only but all the others, mostly rural, would be won decisively by the PPPC barring any gerrymandering by Gecom officials, most of whom are PNC supporters stationed at the polling stations.


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