GECOM says it will not release early election results at the expense of accuracy


[] – The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) says notwithstanding its greatest desire to provide accurate results of the upcoming May 11 elections at the earliest possible time, it remains exceedingly cognizant of the existing logistical and other challenges it faces in doing so.

As such, GECOM in a media release is encouraging Guyanese to “be very cautious and responsible and to carefully manage their expectations of the timely announcement of the May 11 elections result.”

According to the media release, GECOM has noticed some reports in certain sections of the media suggesting that the 2015 elections results can mostly likely be declared the day after the polls.

“Please be advised that there exists a number of logistical challenges directly related to the geographic peculiarities that exist particularly in the hinterland areas. Similarly, there are a number of unforeseen circumstances which can or may occur that can have an adverse effect on the timely delivery of the elections results. Therefore, while GECOM will do its utmost to produce timely results, it will not do so at the expense of accuracy.”

GECOM made it clear that the delivery of accurate elections results remains one of the priorities of the Commission, and it will not be sacrificing its ability to deliver true and accurate results on the altar of expediency.

“The electoral system to be used for the conduct of Elections 2015 will be the system of Proportional Representation, along with some elements of Geographical and Gender Representation. Guyana is one single constituency consisting of hundreds of thousands of electors responsible for the election of the President and the 65 members of the National Assembly. This means that in order for GECOM to arrive at accurate results, all votes from all the polling stations across the length and breadth of Guyana must be counted.”