GECOM not aware of CARICOM team’s arrival in Guyana

GECOM's PRO Yolanda Ward and Commissioner Sase Gunraj
GECOM’s PRO Yolanda Ward and Commissioner Sase Gunraj

Top officials at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) have not been formally apprised of the arrival of the high-level delegation from CARICOM.

The country’s national COVID-19 Task Force announced last night that it approved of a request from CARICOM for officials to travel to Guyana on Thursday for the purposes of overseeing the recount of ballots by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

However, when contacted today, GECOM’s Public Relations Officer Yolanda Ward said she is not aware of the arrival of the CARICOM team.

“I am not aware of the information that went to the Task Force…I do not have an arrival date nor an arrival time,” Ward stated.

Asked specifically if she can confirm that the CARICOM team will be arriving on Thursday,  Ward said “no”.

Commissioner Sase Gunraj confirmed that GECOM is in the dark on this matter.

During a radio programme today, Gunraj said: “My information is based on a release from the national COVID-19 Task Force.”

“I have no further information in relation to the time of the arrival, who forms the delegation, if it is the same members (who came the last time).”

The CARICOM team was invited by GECOM’s Chairperson Justice Claudette Singh to observe the recount process.

It is unclear why GECOM officials were not formally informed of the team’s arrival in Guyana, especially since the announcement of a starting date for the countrywide recount activity will be influenced by the arrival of the CARICOM delegation.